Dental Implants or Bridges: Which One to Go For To Replace Missing Teeth?

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When teeth go missing from the mouth so does your smile for you as the missing teeth can give a hollow cheeked looked and also distort the shape of your face. Sparkling white teeth enhance your face with lovely looks, and in addition they support the facial structure from sulking down that blesses you with elderly looks. Therefore dental science has come up different choices to give teeth to your mouth. Fort Lauderdale Dentists are there to assist you in time of need.

Dental Implants
This is an detailed procedure where a titanium implant is fixed on the original bone socket of the tooth, and then an implant crown is fitted to its end that makes it look like a natural teeth enamel. The titanium implants get embedded right into the bone and forms a bond to it. This could be helpful, nevertheless, you have to make sure, you get the treatment done by experienced dental professionals such as Fort Lauderdale dentists.

Dental Bridge
A tooth bridge is actually a fixed prosthesis attachment which is connected with the natural teeth on either end. The bridge contains a filler tooth which is attached to the surrounding crowns on both ends. A denture is a removable frame, which keeps one or more teeth and it replaces either the bottom or the top arch of your mouth.

Advantages from Dental implant
Dental implants have got a distinct edge over the dentures or bridges as they give you a more natural look, and because the implant firmly gets rooted to the bone structure, it disallows bone tissue loss hence it helps prevent jawbone shrinkage, and helps prevent further teeth loss. The implant is permanent, there are next to zero probabilities of it loosening and falling. There are no adhesives involved in fixing, and you can chew up all types of food.

Benefits of Bridges
Compared to the dental implants bridges will take lesser time. For the dental implant procedures extraction should be done, time needed for healing, and then the implant should be conducted, and it needs time for a permanent crown. For bridges no surgical procedure is required while tooth implants require one. Again initially bridges cost less than implants, though in the long run since dental implants are a permanent solution they could come out as better choice.

Cons of Bridges and Dentures
Dentures are detachable and could cause embarrassments if they fall out at critical times in public, plus they could also clatter while talking or consuming. Denture could also cause bone corrosion in the places where one’s teeth are missing which may cause decay of gums and other conditions may set in.

While for fixed bridges, trimming of nearby teeth could also be required, and at occasions when the bridge chemistry goes completely wrong it often means the loss of teeth supporting the bridge as well. And you could also have uncomfortableness when chewing all types of food.

In case of any tooth issue, you should have a fix, only condition that you approach a dependable dental office like one of many Fort Lauderdale dentists. For more details, visit:

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